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Your house isn’t just a building, it’s where you live. The team that builds your home, literally, has your future in their hands. Hiring contractors who care about whether or not your house’s structure, electrical, and plumbing services are up to code is a vital part of the process. Finding a contractor who is able to provide the kind of services that conscientious new home owners are looking for in Tyler isn’t always easy but with Chandler Homes, it is.

Why Choose Chandler Homes?

Our family run company has been in business for over 35 years and was founded two generations ago. Since its conception, Chandler Homes has been passed down from father to son, twice. Throughout his decades of service, current owner, Keith Chandler, has served as Builder of the Year, been President of the Tyler Builder Association and served as a national delegate on a committee of home builders. Despite numerous accolades and successes, Chandler Homes has always been known for providing customers with a personal and communicative approach. Owners discuss project changes and details with Keith Chandler and nobody else, that way miscommunications are kept to a minimum and projects are completed with minimum hassle for both sides.

Reliable, Knowledgeable, Hardworking

Ensuring that your home is built the way you want it is necessary for your peace of mind. With Chandler Homes, Tyler residents partner with an organization that is experienced, professional and communicative. When we take on a partnership with a client, we work with them from the construction of their foundation to the completion of the project, including hiring a professional electrician and plumber to ensure that every job is completed properly. For a thorough, professional job from start to finish, call Chandler Homes at (903) 570 – 7767.