Specializing in custom homes in the Tyler area.

If you are looking for a home builder in Tyler, Texas/East Texas, whether it be an extravagant custom home, something simple and affordable, or anything in between you want to be confident in the contractor you hire. Keith Chandler, owner of Chandler Homes and former President of the Tyler Area Builders Association, believes in quality, integrity, and tradition. Chandler Homes has operated out of Chapel Hill for three generations, building beautiful homes in Tyler, Chapel Hill, Lindale, Whitehouse, Bullard, and all across East Texas. As a young man, Keith learned from his father and grandfather how to build a house from the ground up. Gene Chandler, Keith’s Father, has been building homes in East Texas for over 60 years and exemplifies hard work and craftsmanship. Gene still lives by the same work ethic, pushing our team at Chandler Homes to deliver the best product to you. Keith’s mother, Gwen Chandler, has designed hundreds of house plans for Chandler Homes. With a friendly smile, Gwen has helped every client put their ideas into motion, showcasing her beautiful ability to bring our customers' ideas to life. With the expertise that was instilled in him by his parents, Keith set out to set a new standard in building. The team at Chandler Homes Chandler Homes is now more dedicated than ever to turn your idea into reality. At Chandler Homes, we know the importance of listening to you. From designing your plans and selecting your home site, to picking out fixtures and moving in, Chandler Homes will be with you every step of the way. Keith is focused on customer satisfaction and will go the extra mile to ensure that expectations are exceeded and the tradition of Chandler Homes is carried on.

Professional Home Builders in Tyler!

Chandler Homes has been a well-respected home builder in the Tyler area since our inception. We specialize in custom home building. We believe in honesty, open communication, reliability, customer service, timeliness, and managing every project we undertake in a cost-effective way so that we can complete every job on time and on budget.

Chandler Homes is a custom home builder operating throughout East Texas and the Tyler area. Keith Chandler and the team at Chandler Homes are ready to help you handle any building project. We have teamed up with hundreds of families to build homes of all sizes. All come to us with an idea or a vision, and Keith Chandler has spent decades helping customers to build those ideas. Keith shares in the excitement with you and loves to give customers ideas that turn an ordinary house into an extraordinary one. Chandler Homes exemplifies quality, integrity, and tradition. With quality materials and products and the integrity of our team, Chandler Homes has built a tradition of excellence as your East Texas Home Builder. When you walk into a Chandler Home, you are not walking into someone’s house; you are walking into someone’s dream. Keith would love to hear from you. It doesn’t have to be about starting a house or buying a lot. You can call Keith and he will answer any home building question you might have. When can we talk with you?

We may not be the biggest home builder in Tyler or the most expensive contractor in the Tyler area, but we are simply the best, most customer oriented general contractor you will find anywhere. If you have any type of construction project, we'll consult with you, find your unique needs, and devise a solution to fit your desires and your budget.

When you hire Chandler Homes, you're hiring peace of mind in regards to your home building project. We have plenty of samples to show you and references and pictures of past successful projects readily available at your request. Contracting is not an exact science, regardless of what anyone tells you. It is a fluid process, so you need skilled laborers and craftsmen with the experience to overcome issues that arise on the job and who can adapt to make your project work. We pride ourselves on our ability to do just that.