Custom Homes In Tyler, TX

Unique Tyler Homes

For a truly perfect home you need more than just a contractor or a real estate agent. Spending the rest of your life in a building means that you need the right location, the right lot, the right design and the right contractor to guide you through the entire process.

Chandler Homes has been providing Tyler residents with premium homes and properties for more than 35 years. A family run business passed down from generation to generation, we know exactly what we need to bring to the table in order to be the only call our clients need to make for the right home.

Our Custom Home Services

Chandler Homes assists our clients with appropriating and preparing the ideal lot in the perfect location because the first step is one of the most important, and you will be there for a while.

After we have found the ideal spot for your new home, we will assist you with whatever design ideas you might have and begin our build process.

Once the foundation has been completed and the walls are up, we will personally contact professional electricians and plumbers to finish wiring and piping and then it’s time for the interior.

When the construction phase of your home is finished, we also offer interior design. With Chandler Homes, Tyler homeowners receive an entire complement of custom building services.

Experienced Custom Home Builders in Tyler, TX

If you want a custom built home, you’re not likely to find a more experienced custom builder.

Chandler Custom Homes has been building new homes for Tyler, TX families for three generations.

In that time, we’ve developed a reputation for high quality construction and fully custom homes designed with and for families.

We work closely with each of our clients to ensure that our turn-key custom homes are perfect for their needs.

Why Choose Chandler Custom Homes?

Building Is A Family Tradition

Chandler Custom Homes has been proudly passed from father to son for three generations. Building is in our blood and workmanship is taught from a young age.

We’re Dedicated to the Details

When it comes to custom homes, details are important. Chandler Custom Homes understands this, and our custom builders pay attention to each detail.

We Handle the Whole Project

No matter where you are in the custom home building process, Chandler Homes can help. Take advantage of our experience whether you’re looking at lots or finishing your home.

A Perfect Place to Live

When you want to invest in a custom home, you want a return that matches your investment. With Chandler Homes, our customers receive everything they’ve ever wanted from a contracting company because we work with them hand in hand from design to project completion.

Don’t build your house piecemeal, call us today for a free estimate and allow us to take care of your every building need.